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5 Full Moon Ritual Ideas

5 Full Moon Ritual Ideas

The full moon has long been associated with magic and mystery, and many cultures have developed rituals to honour and connect with its energy. From ancient times, people have used the full moon as an opportunity to reflect on their lives, set intentions, and manifest their desires.

In this blog post, we will explore some full moon rituals that you can incorporate into your life to connect with the moon's energy and manifest your goals.

Set Intentions

One of the most popular full moon rituals is setting intentions. During the full moon, take some time to reflect on what you want to manifest in your life. Write down your intentions and place them somewhere where you can see them every day. You can also create a vision board or a collage of images that represent your intentions.

Cleanse and purify your space

Another full moon ritual is to cleanse and purify your space. The full moon's energy can help clear away negative energy, so take some time to cleanse your home or office by burning sage, palo santo, or other herbs. You can also use this time to cleanse your crystals and other sacred objects.

Another ritual to connect with the full moon energy is to spend time in nature. During the full moon, try to spend some time outside, whether it's a walk in the park, a picnic in the countryside, or a swim in the ocean. Being in nature can help you connect with the moon's energy and feel more grounded and connected to the earth.


Meditation is also a powerful full moon ritual. During the full moon, take some time to meditate and focus on your intentions. You can use guided meditations, or simply sit in silence and focus on your breath. You can also use this time to release any negative thoughts or emotions that may be holding you back.

Create an altar

Another full moon ritual is to create an altar. You can create a simple altar with a candle, crystals, and other sacred objects that represent your intentions. Spend some time at your altar each day, lighting a candle and focusing on your intentions.


Lastly and our favourite ritual you can use the full moon…celebration! You can hold a full moon party, gather with friends, or simply spend time with loved ones. Celebrating the full moon can help you feel more connected to the earth and the natural rhythms of life.

The full moon is a powerful time to reflect, set intentions, and manifest your desires. There are many full moon rituals that you can incorporate into your life, such as setting intentions, cleansing and purifying your space, spending time in nature, meditating, creating an altar, and celebrating. By connecting with the full moon's energy, you can tap into its powerful energy and manifest your goals.

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