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6 Healing Songs for Stress Relief we're listening to right now

6 Healing Songs for Stress Relief we're listening to right now

Image via Frazer Harrison

6 Healing Songs for Stress Relief we're listening to right now

Winter, the season for conserving, replenishing and slowing down to absorb the simple pleasures of life. Here’s a curated list of melodies to help relieve stress in this introspective and beautiful time for healing. 

  • En - Yaima 

  • This dreamy selection of melodious soundscapes weaved with warm soothing female vocals quite literally transcends you into healing, growth and grace. The Yaima Music Project is a Cascadian Folktronic Duo based in Seattle WA who use their electronic sounds to bridge between nature and humankind. Let’s just say, it’s the epitome of meditative music and an essential to your ‘winding down’ playlist. 

  • Painter - Låpsley

  • Not sure if it’s the delicate xylophone twinkle or perhaps the eeriness that makes this song ooze into the crevices of your soul - either way, it's just divine. Not to mention, U.K. singer and producer Holly Lapsley Fletcher’s ability to use pitch-shifted vocals to seamlessly embody both the masculine and the feminine are just the cherry on the cake for this stress-reliever.

  • Breathe - Sofia Pila 

  • Created by Swedish multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and yogi, Sofia Pila, ‘Breathe’ is the first song on the transformational album, Pilaflow, an all-embracing sound journey through the ELEMENTS. Pila’s musings in ‘breathe’ surround you with driving and revitalising organic rhythms and profoundly touch you on an emotional and spiritual level. A must have sound for those dreamy Winter days. 

  • Bloom - Raveena

  • “Now I'm blooming 12 feet off the ground” - instant goosebumps. So sweet, so peaceful and a reminder that this is American singer and songwriter, Raveena’s world and we’re just living in it. Bloom is a surreal and celestial art piece and the warmth you need on a crisp winter morning. 

  • Mama Saturn - Tanerélle

  • Tanerélle is the type of hype girl you need for a pick me up whenever you’re feeling those Winter blues. She isn't afraid to show her authenticity and is unapologetically herself, so it’s no surprise she creates music masterpieces. In ‘Mama Saturn’ Tanerélle gently nudges you to surrender to love in such a way that the love not only sets off evolution for you and your partner but for mankind. It’s such a welcomed reminder in the challenging nature of our times. Listen and love it. 

  • My Healing - Sophia Spallino

  • Her modern-day controversies aside, Sophia Spallino knows how to enlighten and inspire the masses with her anthem ‘My Healing’. It’s the chant-style song we all need in our lives when looking to heal whatever needs closure. ‘In this moment, I choose healing, I let go of what doesn’t serve me,I release what hurt me’ are just some of the profound lyrics that really target that spot in your heart that needs a warm embrace through Winter. 

    Leave your very own Winter warmer tunes in the comments or let us know which one out of this list got all up in your feels. 

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