4 Crystals To Quiet The Mind During Meditation

January 13, 2022

4 Crystals To Quiet The Mind During Meditation

There are an abundance of daily practices to quiet your mind and ease anxiety: Going for a run. Journalling. Diving into the ocean. Dancing. Eating nourishing foods. Being consistent when it comes to honouring your self-care is one of the biggies!

However, in the moments of life’s overwhelm, there’s one technique that requires nothing but coming home to yourself, morning, noon or night… Meditation. 

Meditation is the single best way to quiet your mind, quell anxiety and cultivate self-love.

And if nothing else, try meditating because gorgeous gorgeous girls love meditating into a calm and restful state (yes we just attempted to get you into meditating through a Tik Tok trend).

Here are 4 crystals to quiet the mind during meditation


Amethyst, Selenite, Clear Quartz and Moonstone - Crystals to quiet the mind

Selenite the Soother

Selenite is a powerful healing crystal that promotes peace and calm, mental clarity, and well-being. Hold your selenite stone in your hand to remove negative energy and emotions and connect within. 

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Clear Quartz the Care-Free

Clear Quartz is an important crystal to reach for when you’re looking to improve clarity and reduce stress. While meditating with your Clear Quartz crystal, allow it to open your mind and heart to higher guidance. 

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Moonstone the Manifester

Moonstone is the kind of stone you want around when you’re up for a touch of manifesting your heart’s desires. Take your Moonstone crystal and hold it over your heart chakra in meditation for 15 minutes (abundance is coming your way). 

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Amethyst the Anxiety Alleviator

Amethyst is incredibly protective, healing, and purifying. Have it with you for your meditative moments to help rid the mind of negative thoughts.

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