Retrealm Songs of Autumn

March 23, 2018

Retrealm Songs of Autumn

Autumn, the positive, relaxed, transitional season. Here’s a curated list of tunes to set the tone of the melange of autumnal feels happening right now.  

1. Loving is Easy – Rex Orange County (Feat. Benny Sings) ♥

I can’t tell you how much this song gets me in a ‘Sunshiny Day’ groove, with its effortlessly cheery vibes. Rex Orange County is a melodic slice of heaven in a day and age where tranquil harmonies are so very precious. It’s impossible to wipe the smile from my face listening to this song as it bounces any worries away. I picture sun -on-face, eyes closed, driving with a hand in rolling wave motion. Bliss!

2. Driving To Hawaii – Summer Salt

This absolute dreamy banger of a tune almost classifies as a guided meditation from another era. What starts off with sound bites of the ocean, soon shifts into the soft, angelic voice of Matt Terry transporting you to the inspired sounds of an actual drive to Hawaii. Summer Salt are the epitome of soothing, surf music and essential to your positive energy playlist. 

3. I’m Just Snacking – Gus Dapperton

The simple and comical inspiration behind this song and the influence of Gus Dapperton’s authentic nature is what makes it so relatable. Gus once asked an ex-girlfriend, “We’re about to go to dinner. Why are you eating?” To which she responded, “I’m just snacking”. Of course, there’s much more intimacy behind the lyrics but for now, I’m just happy unwinding to the timeless sounds of Gus. 

4. The Way Things Change- Yellow Days 

I am so into this dreamy rock masterpiece. Yellow Days- otherwise known as 19-year-old British artist George van den Broek is a profound thinker. He effortlessly contrasts his deep, relaxed voice with uneasy expressions. Making you feel comfort in the lyrics ‘my friends think my soul is dead, but I’m just trapped in my own head’. Perfect for those days where all you need is a modest prod to ‘keep going’.

5. Bye Bye Bad Man – The Stone Roses 

The Stone Roses are an English rock band that formed in the early 80s. Their sounds induce a very mellow, sort-of psychedelic 60s tone that you can’t help but fall in love with. Their poignant lyrics speak to souls of all generations, with a large feature being the fundamentals of humanity. This is a must-have tune!

6. Beautiful Chorus (Entire Album)- Hymns Of Spirit 

This beautiful album converts the magic and grace of meditation into a fun sing-a-long style of multi-layered harmonies. With this album in your life, you’ll have all the perks of meditation on the go. 

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