Rose Quartz is one of the most popular stones used in healing work. Centred around the heart, the stone encourages the heart to open, welcoming more trust and love into our lives.

Fun Facts:

  • The impurities of titanium or manganese that give it it's pink hue also prevent the growth of large individual crystals, which means it is usually found in massive form. 
  • Fosters an appreciation of beauty.

Black Obsidian

Revealing | Cleansing | Transforming. 

As a stone that emerges from the ground with force, Obsidian brings hidden issues, emotions and traumas to the surface. 

Birthstone: Scorpio

Fun Facts:

  • Will open and clear the throat chakra. 
  • Grounding and protecting.
  • Volcanic glass formed rapidly by lava. 

Size: Approx 11cm x 2cm 

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