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This beautiful Palo Santo stick features a selenite and dried Australian flowers.

Care and love, bundled up in a beautiful, natural bouquet of sage, crystals and flowers. Gift these to yourself or loved ones to lift your spirits and raise your energic vibration. 

For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant. 

Cleanse your crystals by passing them through the smoke or cleanse your sacred spaces by waving the smoke into all corners, across doorways and into shadow spaces. To maintain the atmosphere of ritual, keep repeating the incantation in your mind as you diffuse the smoke.


  • Soft 4mm single organic twist cotton
  • 1 x small selenite stick
  • A bundle of dried Australian native flowers (including Dried Eucalyptus Gum Leaves)

Fun facts:

  • The Native American tribes were known to use sage for multiple purposes such as healing, clearing space and ceremonies.
  • The word sage stems from the Latin word salvia, which translates to “healthy”
  • The smoke from the sage reverses any negative energy in the air, clearing and purifying the space. 

How To Use Sage:

Simply light the end of the sage until it starts to produce smoke. Keep a fire-safe bowl, such as ceramic, beneath the burning sage whilst you use it, as the ashes will fall sporadically,

releasing smoke. Whether you’re smudging yourself, your home, or an object direct this smoke around your body and space with one hand (or feather) while holding the bundle in the other.

>> Click here to read how to smudge with sage <<



You will receive your one intuitively selected Sage Stick Flower Crystal Bouquet  (pictured). It will be lovingly cleansed and cleared, ready to be programmed to your intention.

* Please be aware each crystal is natural and unique in size, shape and colour so some may vary slightly. 

*Flat shipping rate of $10 for standard and $15 express postage within Australia.

*Free postage within Australia on all orders over $150. 

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