STAR MICA (MUSCOVITE) (Approx 350-400g)

Muscovite (MOP), also known as (MICA)  

This crystal appears in sheet-like layers, scales, masses and tabular crystal. It is the “reflection stone”. It allows one to reflect on their past and present situations and gives one the opportunity to both acknowledge and eliminate any traits one wishes to detach from.

Fun facts:

  • represents the Crown Chakra and Transpersonal Chakra above the head.
  • reputation for helping with peaceful sleep, due to its reflective nature
  • helps one let go of attachments and become more of your own person


Approx 300-400g

These also make a thoughtful gift for loved ones in need of a little something special.


You will receive your selected crystal (pictured). It will be lovingly cleansed and cleared, ready to be programmed to your intention.

* Please be aware each crystal is natural and unique in size, shape and colour so some may vary slightly. 

*Flat shipping rate of $10 for standard and $15 express postage within Australia.

*Free postage within Australia on all orders over $150. 

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