It came naturally to us. As curious souls, with a strong desire to dig below the surface of life, we quite literally dug up, through the depths of our own journeys, the expression of the essence of our sense of self....

What came next, was a blend of self-actualisation, curiosity, artistry, courage, community and love. Ever since, ___retrealm has expanded into people's hearts, lives, homes and offices. With a strong commitment to bringing crystals, jewellery, yoga mats and whatever else it may be that helps people thrive to become the best version of themselves.

And it's been our pleasure to watch people decorate their spaces with Retrealm's crystals...

Since launching in 2018, we have maintained an exclusive 5 star review rate from our happy customers. does

Here is your safe space. A blank space to fill your 'realm' with whatever it is that cultivates the best version of you. 

We hope you are inspired by the best version of us.

Founded by the love of a mother and daughter. 

The relationship between a mother and daughter can only truly be understood by mothers and daughters. They can go from fighting to laughing in a second, but one thing remains constant--their unconditional love for one another. 

Know that every fibre of ___retrealm has endured the trials and tribulations of a mother and daughter bond. And just like that bond, we will always be committed to patiently learning, nurturing and connecting with you as you grow.

This is RETREALM, a nook for the creators, discoverers and profound thinkers who are searching for the best version of themselves and a chronicle of where this realm takes us.

For enquiries or a virtual hug, please don’t hesitate to contact us or DM us on insta or facebook.


Love and light,


Remy & Laura

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