7 Crystals to Welcome the Winter Solstice

June 19, 2020 1 Comment

7 Crystals to Welcome the Winter Solstice

Profound, powerful and persistent. The Winter Solstice, marking the shortest day and longest night of the year can be an extremely transformative and at times a difficult phase of the year. 

We are preparing to battle the depths of winter and all that comes with it; cold, darkness and less light. You’re likely to be feeling more sluggish and cranky… acting slightly more bear-like, as you prepare to go into hibernation. 


But it’s not all doom and gloom, in fact, we need these contrasts in life to show us the wisdom of balance and resilience. 1 


As a time where Mother Earth retreats back into herself to heal and replenish, we too, have the chance to echo her. 


It’s a nice season to go within, to do the inner work; journaling, honouring the cycle of the seasons and setting intentions. And although I absolutely encourage eating your greens and maintaining good activity levels, I do also prescribe some good old fashioned cosying up and putting less pressure on yourself.


All this aside, you may be looking to turn to crystals at this time of year to help you through the change of energy. 


Here are 7 crystals we highly recommend during the Winter Solstice: 





If there’s one word used to describe Selenite, it’s restorative. The self-cleansing crystal effortlessly clears the mind of its user, balancing the energy in the home and helps with recharging after a long day or week. The perfect crystal to reach for during the winter season. 




During the winter season, decreased sunlight reduces the fire energy in our homes. We all need the heat, passion, and life-giving energy of the fire element. So it’s important to adding carnelian energy to your space during the cold winter. Carnelian is a vibrant crystal to help evoke the sun’s warmth, inspiring enthusiasm and a zest for life. Call on this beauty when you need some fire in your soul. 


Lapis Lazuli 


Displaying the colours of a clear winter night sky, the Lapis Lazuli is as deep as it gets. If you’re looking to go within, practising deep meditation and spiritual development, then this is the crystal you need nearby during winter. 




The sunbeam crystal, Citrine, will bring the light during the dark, long days of winter. Bright and yellow, Citrine has the power to be used as an anti-depressant, making you calm so that the wisdom in you can get a chance to work. Have this ray of light near you during winter to always keep a smile on your face. 


Black Obsidian 


If during the depths of winter you get agitated and start to feel a loss of control, then you’re going to need a Black Obsidian. This crystal will carry a protective energy to centre and ground your spiritual energy during the times you need it most. It beautifully nods to the concept that birth and death are simultaneously and constantly present one with the other, always as one. A divine crystal to hold close during winter. 




Just like Black Obsidian, Amethyst will help you feel less cooped up during the winter months. An expansive imagination- and dream-boosting stone, Amethyst will help you keep calm and relax during the cold months, reminding you to find inspiration in your surroundings. A must-have for crystal lovers getting through the dead of winter. 


Rose Quartz 


The stone of love, Rose Quartz will be the guiding hand to gently and benevolently remind you that you are loved. It is an incredible stone to work with when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. All we need in winter is a Rose Quartz and a cup of tea and the heaviness of hibernation feels that little more light. 

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