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Phoenix Stone Crystal Healing Properties

Phoenix Stone Crystal Healing Properties

Just like the spiritual symbolism of the Phoenix totem represents rebirth, transformation and the sacredness of life, the Phoenix stone also encourages a powerful resilience.

Phoenix Stone is an energetic stone that consists of chrysocolla, malachite and turquoise.

As fantastical as the Harry Potter universe, Phoenix Stone is an exceedingly intriguing crystal. 


Here are 5 healing properties of the Phoenix Stone


Feeling stagnant? Like you’re in need a bit of soul evolution?  The Phoenix stone is a powerful mineral of transformation and healing in all areas.


Speaking and living your truth requires you to be a whole lot more honest with yourself. And sometimes that can be difficult! That’s when you reach for the Phoenix stone to help pave a path to our Highest Truth. It is a powerful stone to meditate with to embody the heart and throat chakras so that one may truly speak from the heart.


Peace is the ultimate end goal as a spiritual person, right? Inner peace is what we feel when our body, mind, heart, and soul are at rest. 

This world can be a chaotic and challenging place, and with rising stress levels and anxiety, it's helpful to make a sanctuary of your own soul. 

If there ever were a perfect crystal to provide peace, joy and acceptance peace of the soul, it’s the ocean blue and green-hued Phoenix stone.  

Eliminate Negativity 

Looking to cleanse negativity from your mind and body?  Give yourself a high-vibe reset by keeping a Phoenix stone nearby at all times. Its energetic healing properties will help banish lingering negativity and attract positivity all-round. 

Strengthen Intuition 

Have you been looking to take soul-inspired action and really listen into what your intuition has to say? Deepen your intuition by dropping into meditation and holding a Phoenix Stone. 


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