October 05, 2018


It was only a couple of months ago that I was continuing to prevent my long, healthy, mermaid hair from reaching its prospective lengths. ‘The chop’, was a long-time notion that I finally built the courage to undergo and it turns out I adored. A concave, blonde bob screamed professional… In my eyes at least.. so it stayed for some time. That’s how it works, right? We’re told what’s trendy and as a result, our hair suffers the consequences.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve permanently taken a temporary bonkers life moment out on my hair. There was the time I got creative and cut a horrendous front-fringe (much to my mum’s hairdressing horror) and the time …okay it was a few weeks ago that I felt like so much of my life was changing that my hair should too, so bright pink was the only rational option and not to mention the many times I’ve been a hairdressing guinea pig for my mums blue, red and purple dyes. I love trying new things! But occasionally our hair doesn’t, so here’s my crucial hair regime, full of my most reliable products BUY HERE.

1.Affinage- Heavenly Lavender Treatment Balm

The first and perhaps the most critical step to my regime subsequent to washing my hair (only apply to damp hair). This cruelty-free, divine-smelling treatment balm is a triple threat. Not only will it heal damaged, tired hair and seal it from future harm but the delicious cream contains lavender oil which will uplift your spirit and leave you smelling like heaven. I use this religiously and my hair flourishes from it. I’m telling you what I tell all of my family and friends, this product is a game-changer and my Holy Grail, TRY IT!

2. Macadamia- Healing Oil Treatment 

This blessing in disguise has bailed me out of split-end predicaments too many times to count.  What’s best of all, it can be used wet, damp, day, night and even comes in 10ml pocket-sized bottles for despairing times (*cough* long hall flights). I apply a small amount to the ends of my hair whilst damp and then inevitably before heated styling. Now, with colder weather upon us, our scalps are more prone to dehydration. And because Macadamia’s restorative oil treatment is immediately absorbed into your hair and scalp it’s essential to reach for when things are on the dryer side for a more nourished, shiny look.

3. Wet Brush 

Without this brush, the products above would not fulfil their dry and damaged repair duties. And without all three my Rapunzel hair would not prevail. I’m no example of a dedicated hair-brusher, but what I will say is when I do brush it feels as if it stimulates my scalp and (whether it’s a myth or not) promotes growth. These brushes are available in a range of quirky patterns, shapes and sizes and are without doubt an essential to long, detangled locks.


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