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Full Moon In SAGITTARIUS MAY 29, 2018

Full Moon In SAGITTARIUS MAY 29, 2018

We as humans are funny creatures, our behaviours waxing and waning with the moon, like animals, wild and erratic. This month on May 29th, 2018 we have a Full Moon at 8° 10′ Sagittarius. Because of this, I want to apprise you of what could go down under this moon and how to officially brace yourself.

Okay, I’m being slightly melodramatic, this moon is actually a pleasantly positive one. Infused with strong social and happy energies, you’ll be feeling all the grateful and fresh feels during this time. Truly, there’s a reason it’s known as the Full Flower Moon, due to the abundance of blooms in the not too cold, not too hot season. Like us, the earth is not only thriving now but preparing for the transition into Winter for the Southern Hemisphere and Summer for Northern Hemisphere.

What this means for us humans

It’s time to shed our skin and rid ourselves of anything that we may be refraining from. Any darkness, guilt, shame or doubt will fall away to make room for flowering. A strong energy on the night (12:19AM AEST) will help you to plug into this power and really feel excited and energetic about cleansing your demons and letting your truth shine. Marvel in its luminous, healing light and even embrace its impulsive energy. Welcome new opportunities and break free from any attachments.

You could set an intention to let go of attachment to material things. Why not say out loud to yourself…

“I make the conscious decision, in this moment, to Let Go of my attachment to Material Possessions”

In effect, replace this attachment with a new, more expansive experience and make it a permanent improvement.

As long as you are honouring some sort of balance manifested in the half man and half horse Sagittarius sign, this Full Moon will bring delightful guidance.

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