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GUIDE to Creating a Calm Space at Home 2021 | 3 ways to turn your home into a self-isolation relaxing realm

GUIDE to Creating a Calm Space at Home 2021 | 3 ways to turn your home into a self-isolation relaxing realm

Covid-19. The silver lining of our lives where we were all made to set the standard of our own equanimity in isolation at home. 

And despite there being talk of relaxed social distancing rules in Australia, there's still time to honour how to best deal with life at home when things shift completely out of our control. 

Here are 3 ways to set up a zen realm at home that will make you feel relaxed in ANY stressful situation:

1. Decorate your home with crystals

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. And we all could use a lot of love in our lives right now. 

As tensions rise, the Virgos of the home get controlling, the kids start bickering, you and your significant other start giving each other the 'give me some space' stare, reach for a Rose Quartz. Its gentle feminine energy transforms and releases all forms of negative energy and emotions into pure, unconditional love. The best part of all? It dissolves the feeling of isolation and instead, fosters a sense of true union. 

Rose Quartz Macrame Hangers

Celestite is a high-vibrational stone and an excellent teacher for the New Age, serving infinite trust in the Divinity of the universe.

When it comes to cooling the fire of isolation emotions, Celestite is the crystal 'lotion' you need to soothe the bombshells of this unprecedented time. Just by eyeing its blissful blue hues, the Celestite crystal incites profound relaxation by resetting to your natural state of happiness.


Amethyst is the replenishing hug you need after a long day at home.

Surrender to its tranquil energy and allow it to dissolve the pandemic fears that are keeping you awake at night. The perfect crystal to have beside your bed for a restful sleep. 

Journaling - Soul Therapy 

Gently and unassumingly guide yourself back to your essence by journaling. To have a clear perception of how you're truly feeling inside away from the outside noise, you must check in with your mind and spirit. Create a sacred space, dim the lights, light some candles and put on some meditative tunes. Then... WRITE whatever you like... A poem, a story or simply journaling your heart's desires...

Click here for journal prompts...

Saging - Cleanse your home of negative energy

Since your spending a whole lot of time in your home, you want to make sure your space is cleared of all stagnant energy. Cue the ritual of sage burning, also known as smudging. The ancient art is tough by elders that the smoke of dried sage clears negative energy and restores harmony. The practice of burning sage is sacred in many communities and deserves our honour. It's something we should always be done with intention, devotion, and deep gratitude to those who lit the path before us. Try smudging your home regularly, always smudging towards an open window.

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