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Journaling for beginners guide 2022 | Journaling For Anxiety and Stress and to Help You Find Your Life Purpose

Journaling for beginners guide 2022 | Journaling For Anxiety and Stress and to Help You Find Your Life Purpose

Research has shown that journaling is healing especially during a pandemic.

Anyone who knows me, know I dedicate boundless energy to searching for my soul’s purpose. In fact, to say my life’s purpose is to find my life’s purpose wouldn’t be invalid. There’s something about the commitment to one’s truth that holds us accountable to be the best version of ourselves that I absolutely love!

There are many times in our daily rigmarole that we feel we lose track of ourselves. It’s bound to happen when things like technology, tasks and time take hold. Trust me, it happens to the best of us and guess what!? It’s completely okay, but what I will say is at some point you deserve to reclaim yourself.

It’s with this thought in mind that I share my best-loved journaling practices that will help gently and unassumingly guide you back to your path.


  1. Journaling Will Change Your Life 
    First and foremost, in order to perceive who you are, you must see how your mind and spirit are doing. Make sure you are in your own sacred, secure environment. Mine is my bedroom, I dim the lights, light some candles and put on some meditative music knowing that I am about to dive into another realm.I visit this realm in the most treasured way, by keeping a journal. Thankfully, I was able to identify this necessity at a very young age. I’m so grateful, now most, if not all of my profound thoughts, questions and blissful memories are transcribed into years of different coloured, shapes and textured journals. Aside from memory preservation, these intricate notes are an insight into my own self-enlightenment. I adore flicking back through my journal to land on a moment in time that reflects my beliefs, actions and lessons learnt. And I can promise with full certainty, that I grow with every new day. I have been lucky enough to be gifted most of my journals from friends and family over the years which makes them that extra bit special, no worries if you don’t have one, pick your own! Or better yet, get crafty and create one.


    In The Meantime..Why Not Try Some Of These Journal Prompts:
    How do I feel right now?
    What would I like to see 
    change in the world?
    Why did I get out of bed this morning?
    What do I love?
    What am I grateful for? (List 10 things)
    What am I good at?
    How can I improve myself today?
    How can I help others?
    What did I enjoy about today?
    Am I honouring my heart’s wisdom and desires for love and fun?

“Fill Your Paper With The Breathings Of Your Heart”- William Wordsworth

2. Illustrate Your Version Of Self Love
There’s never been a time where I’m writing intimately in my journal and I haven’t lost all sense of my surroundings. Always getting an overwhelming tenderness that fulfils my entire body and makes words flow from pen to paper. This heart-fluttering warmth is your own self-love and we need more of it in our lives.

For years, I’ve known ‘you love yourself’ to be uttered as a slandering insult to the self-obsessed. But we’ve had it all wrong, who’s going to love us if we don’t love ourselves? Please, before you start journaling release this notion and embrace the heart-fluttering, if not for society, but for yourself.

Heart-fluttering moments when you’re deeply captivated by your own thoughts are the ones to keep an eye on. There’s no one in the world that knows you better than you know yourself, so traverse these feelings and take note. I would suggest letting go of all self-criticism and really trying to feel out how you’ve been treating yourself, whether it be on that day or overall.

3. Action Your Heart-Fluttering Moments

This brings me to my last point. Action. Change your relationship status to ‘in a relationship with my journal’ and commit to writing all the quality things that occur in life (don’t write about negative things unless they are crucial to growth/ there is a positive outcome/ lesson learnt). Turn your journalling into a ritual of self-love and growth and devote yourself to it like you do to showering every day. Then ask yourself, what are the reoccurring themes? What truly makes me happy? When do I get the heart-fluttering moments? It won’t be served on a golden platter (or maybe it will) and committing to this takes time, but in due time will be if not your soul’s true purpose, at least the path needed to take to get there.

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