YOGA BEGINNERS GUIDE 2022 | Learn about the benefits of Yoga

February 14, 2021

YOGA BEGINNERS GUIDE 2022 | Learn about the benefits of Yoga

The art of getting Yoga high.

The yogis are doing it, Madonna’s doing it, gosh, even Bon Jovi’s in on it. Not only is it thrilling and perpetually free, but it’s a universal practice that never discriminates.

Yoga has played a pivotal part in helping me not only celebrate my life but also to unravel it. Most literally, when my muscles are in a knot and exceedingly when my mind is in a shambles.

Today I’ll shed some light on the benefits and stages of getting Yoga high and let me tell you, if you’re not already, you’re going to want in on all the fun.

1. Yoga Twisting 

2. Re-unite with Body and Soul

3. Breath

4. Yoga Meditation

5. Happy Yoga

6. Honour Your Body

  1. Twist The Day Away
    There’s nothing like untwisting from a wound up day through yoga. Your body has felt the raft of life and it’s clutching onto it like it’s a part of you. The best way to fix this is by gifting your body the tender love it so desperately craves. Don’t get me wrong, at the start of the practice things can be challenging. Your body and mind are adapting to the tranquillity and it’s not always a smooth transition. It’s okay to feel the way you feel. However, as much as you may try you, can’t fight against yoga, it will always cocoon you into peace and harmony. So as long as you stay true to the practice, the kink in your mind and body will unravel. Trust me, by the end of your routine, your body will be thanking you for feeling much less taut.

  2. Moving In The Right Direction
    Throughout the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget that our bodies are a major part of ‘us’. It’s a glitch that exists when we detach our body from our mind. We slouch, tilt our hips forward and become lazy, forgetting that our body is in fact our temple. One of the great noble truths about Yoga is that it generously teaches us how to reunite our mind and body. (Trust me, neither one functions without the other so it’s better to have them coexist). When we are more intently focused on the way our body feels during practice, we are able to adopt that experience into everyday life.

  3. Breathing Like You’ve Never Breathed Before
    There are plenty of moments in life where things get a bit too much. I used to think the only rational way to master that feeling was to hold my breath. Unintentionally of course, but I can vouch that I am the precise example of a recovered breath-holder. It wasn’t until I started yoga many years ago that I realised how critical it is for both your sanity… (and your lungs) to breathe…DEEP. Not only was I a full-time breath-holder but the times I did breathe I breathed way too shallow. I confess, even as a beginner yogi, I never truly tuned in to the instructor’s ‘breathe in and breathe out’ guidance. Flash forward to today and breathing is one of my favourite things to do… (aside from being vital to living) it brings a balance to the body and brain, easing you to relax and feel so good.

  4. Transporting to The Yoga High
    One of my most treasured parts to yoga is the time where you truly start releasing. I call this the transitional phase. The phase between the conscious, awkward, forced movements to the flowing, meditative and peaceful. While you are transporting, I find it easier to focus entirely on the motions, leaving behind and shaking free any lasting thoughts. Next time you do yoga take a quick moment to look back at the person you were before you started that day and see how far you’ve come. There’s no surprise, things will have greatly improved.

  5. She’s So HIGHhhh
    So by point 5, you’ve well and truly reached the stoned, blissful, wasted feeling of being yoga high. By this point, I can’t wipe the smile off my face and I walk around in a hazy love bubble. You should too !

  6. Life can at times be stressful
    It’s so important that you honour your body as your temple and truly give it the care it deserves.
    If anything in life, try yoga. It will give back to you ever so selflessly.

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