5 Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation Under the full Moon

May 26, 2021

5 Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation Under the full Moon

A full moon is the perfect time to create a space for yourself to reflect and celebrate life. It’s also an ideal time to get your manifestation mode on. 

Do you want to learn how to manifest with the full moon? Here's how.

5 Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation Under the Full Moon

1. Create a sacred space

Firstly, ask yourself ‘what does sacred mean to me?’ Is it your bedroom with the door shut or a larger space where you have room to dance to meditative beats and getting yoga high? Or perhaps it’s a candlelit room with essential oils burning and the blinds open for the moon to shine in? Whatever it is to you, dedicate that spot in your home and create a quiet place that will allow you to gather your thoughts.


2. Smudge and clear the energy with sage

For hundreds of years, sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant.

Cleanse your space by opening the windows and lighting your sage. Wave the smoke into all corners, across doorways and into shadow spaces. To maintain the atmosphere of ritual, keep repeating an incantation in your mind as you diffuse the smoke.


Try these full moon affirmations:

  • I am worthy of love. 
  • I am successful and in alignment with my higher purpose. 
  • I am excellent at what I do. 
  • The universe is conspiring to fulfil my dreams. 
  • Infuse me with your light and help me find my compassion so that I can rise above the energies of fear or judgement into greater compassion that liberates me to live my own life in peace. 

3. Meditate

Now that your physical space is energetically cleansed, quiet and feeling sacred, it's important to centre your thoughts as well.

Whether you use a guided meditation (tip: try the free meditation app Insight Timer), music or just a quiet space, make sure you breathe deep to anchor you in the present moment and allow you to notice feelings and thoughts as they come and go, without any judgement.

4. Journal

Here at Retrealm, there’s hardly a day that goes by that we’re not preaching about the benefits of journalling. For us, journaling is more than just memory preservation, it’s a lifestyle. By keeping a journal by your bedside and using it everyday, but even more so for astrological events, you keep a vital collection of profound thoughts, questions and blissful memories transcribed into years of different coloured, shapes and textures.

These intricate notes could very well be an insight into your own self-enlightenment. By tuning in to the phases of the moon, you access a framework to turn to over and over again, empowering you to find peace and understanding.


5. Charge your crystals

To harness the spectacular potential of crystals, it’s important that you charge them. By letting your crystals charge under the full moon, you’re ridding them of any unwanted energy and ensuring they are ready to be used in healing practices again.

To do this, simply lay your crystals outside in a safe place and leave them overnight to bathe in the light of the full moon before collecting them in the morning.

If you can't do it outside, rest them on your window sill or any place under the light of the moon.


What are the Full Moon dates for 2021?

Full Moon: Jan 29th, Feb 27th, Mar 29th, Apr 27th, May 26th, Jun 25th, Jul 24th, Aug 22nd, Sep 21st, Oct 21st, Nov 19th & Dec 19th.


It could be time to pick your next crystal, here are 6 Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety & Stress

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